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Adoption, unlike foster care, is permanent; it is a social and legal process that creates a new family, giving adopted children the same rights and benefits as those who are born into a family. Adoption requires an unconditional commitment by parents to meet the physical, emotional, medical, psychological and social needs of their child.



Most of the children in foster care have endured some form of abuse or neglect and because of that some may have medical, emotional and/or behavioral needs. Children in foster care come from all racial and ethnic groups, most are school aged, and have brothers or sisters they need to be placed with. There are also a high number of teenagers.


Most of the children needing adoptive homes are members of sibling groups needing to be placed together, are older, have a diagnosed physical, mental or emotional disability or are African American.



For information on how to become a foster and adoptive or adoptive parent, call   1-877-210-KIDS.  Douglas County DFCS hosts Information Sessions for prospective families.  

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